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Coral-Mine — the drink of health

Posted by Mari Август - 5 - 2011 Комментарии отключены

The Company «Coral Club International» selected the most high-quality and unique products, that provide fully biologically body’s need for good nutrition and create a healthy internal environment. Ten years of practical work with these wonderful products conclusively proved, that if you stop poisoning your body, provide it with all necessary, it will do everything to heal itself. By removing toxins and creating normal conditions, we run our own system of self-regulation and recovery. The sooner we begin to engage in prevention, the more effective it works for us.

Where to start? The answer is simple — with WATER!

Water is product number one on the earth. Our life certainly depends on its quality. We have a simple, accessible to everyone, even at home, and yet highly effective and reliable health program for every day.

Among all the substances available on the Earth, water, thanks to the originality of its physical and chemical properties, occupies a unique position in the nature and plays an important role in human life.

An adult human body contains about 70% water and all biological processes can be reduced to the biochemical reactions in water solution — the body’s metabolism. So our health and even our life itself, without any exaggeration, directly depend upon the quality of water we drink.

To ensure that all biochemical processes in the human body proceeded optimally, the water should have a number of qualities that are determined by such indicators:

  1. Cleanness of water — the presence in it of impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, etc.
  2. The acid-alkaline balance of water (pH). All environments of the human body (blood, lymph, saliva, intercellular fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.) have a weakly alkaline reaction. When this reaction shifts to the acid side, it changes the biochemical processes, the body acidifies, which leads to the development of diseases. That`s why the water that people consume, should be neutral, but rather it should be slightly alkaline. This will allow to maintain the acid-base balance of body`s fluids and prevent the development of pathogenic processes.
  3. Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of water. Water can be an oxidizing agent, it means to contribute to the aging process, or a reducing agent, it means, to inhibit this process. ORP is measured in millivolts, and can have both positive (oxidation) and negative charge (recovery).
  4. Surface tension – is the degree of cohesion of water molecules with each other. The unit of measurement is dyn/cm2. Tap water has a surface tension of about 73 dynes/cm2, and the intra-and extracellular fluid of the human body — 43 dyn/cm2. The lower is the surface tension of water, the better it is absorbed.
  5. The structure of water. Water is a liquid crystal. Water molecules orient themselves in space and have a definite structure. All the water in the body is structured, but the tap water and bottled water are not.
  6. Water mineralization. The presence in water of the macro-and micronutrients is necessary for health, so consumed water must be mineralized.
  7. Information memory of water – today scientifically based is the fact that the water receives and captures any impact, remembers everything that happens in the environment. For water is enough to come in contact with the substance to learn about its properties and to keep this information in its memory.

How then to improve these indicators of water?

There are just few areas on the Earth, where people differ enviable longevity. Such areas are the islands of Okinawa and Tokunoshima. Scientists have proved that the high rates of longevity and health inherent in the people of these islands depend on the quality of drinking water. It is rich in macro-and micronutrients and has a number of properties that beneficial effect on the human body.

As the islands are coral atolls, the drinking water is filtered with coral and saturated with coral calcium ions. That calcium carbonate contained in drinking water contributes to neutralize the excessive acidity of the body, which is the result of the use of acid-forming foods.

Of the 2,500 species of coral, just white coral Sango are useful to humans, and their structure and chemical composition are almost identical to human bone, which allows to use them widely in prosthetics. There is the commercial development of Sango coral around the island of Okinawa today. The final product is coral water CORAL-MINE, the exclusive right to distribute it has the company Coral Club International.

The crushed coral Sango that fall into the water to get water CORAL-MINE, are insoluble in water, but when interacting with it can change its physical and chemical properties:

  1. Sango Coral is a powerful natural sorbent. When mixed with water it absorbs chlorine compounds, contaminants and heavy metals become neutral.
  2. Sango Coral changes the acid-alkaline balance in the direction of alkalinity. That`s why the pH of water coral CORAL-MINE is slightly alkaline.
  3. The redox potential of coral water CORAL-MINE is shifted to negative indicators. Such water helps to restore and improve the overall condition of the body.
  4. Sango Coral lowers the surface tension of water. That`s why water CORAL-MINE is biologically available, «liquid», easily digestible. This property allows the body’s cells without any additional costs to absorb water to replenish the extracellular and intracellular pool.
  5. Sango Coral recovers liquid crystalline structure of water. Freezing water CORAL-MINE  (like Microhydrin from CCI) forms the ideal structure of snowflakes, which indicates the ordering of water molecules. And as all the water in living organisms is structured, so this property of water CORAL-MINE is especially important for maintaining health.
  6.  The unique properties of CORAL-MINE allow water to erase the negative memories and fill it with the energy of the ocean.
  7. Contained in the coral Sango vital minerals sate the water in an amount adequate composition of the tissues of the human body. The calcium content in an easily accessible, biologically assimilable form is particularly useful for the organism, as calcium in the human body performs many important functions: alkalify body, ensures the normal clotting of blood, affects the regulation of growth and activity of the cells of all types of tissues, is involved in metabolism, has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect, is a building material.

When you add the Sango coral to the water, it becomes clear, structured, alkaline and mineralized. This water is easily absorbed, has cells in calcium, silicon, potassium, hydrogen, oxygen and other trace elements needed by the body.

Daily use of such water contributes to:

  • achieving the optimum pH of the blood;
  • reduce the disease risk of cardio-vascular system and digestive organs;
  • oxygen saturation;
  • normalization of blood sugar and blood pressure;
  • normalization of renal activity, digestive system and liver;
  • prevention of arthritis, improve the elasticity of muscles and joints, restoring the normal structure of bone and cartilage tissues.

By ordering CORAL-MINE of CCI on our site right now, you can personally verify its quality just in a few days.

The product is certified in Europe.

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